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Mawaihakona Stream Restoration (friends of the Mawaihakona)

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Jessica Bryan
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St Patrick's College, 207 Fergusson Drive, Silverstream, Upper Hutt
New Zealand

Friends of Mawaihakona Stream was formed in 2002 by Bart Hogan, Kerry & Brian Brickell in order to covert the Mawaihakona stream from a willow infested mess to lowland podocarp forest as it would have once been. In recent years, the Friends have gained permission to restore a large section of the stream as it passes through land owned by St Patrick's college Silverstream. The friends have developed a strong working relationship with St Pats and with the help of Jessica Bryan (staff facilitator) and Bart Hogan (student project manager) they were able to coordinate mass plantings and working bees with the aid of many enthusiastic students from St Pats.

It is hoped that over time, the entire length of the stream will be restored to its natural state as a floodplain podocarp forest. Also, the friends are hopeful that through the project, they may educate students and give them hands on experience in a restoration project.

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