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Needles Eye and Willow Bay

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Keith, Leighton or Brett
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Awanui Street
New Zealand

Needles Eye is a small reserve on Birkenhead Point, Auckland. The small bay north-west of the point was known to locals from the early 20th century as Willow Bay. Needles Eye is an old pah site recorded as an archaeological site in the Auckland Unitary Plan. Needles Eye and Willow Bay are on the west side of Little Shoal Bay and adjacent to the old site of Clement Wragge's Waiata Tropical Gardens and Residence with various species of palm trees. The site is subject to wind erosion. A wide range of weed species are distributed over the reserve and adjacent land. The volunteer group has asked the Council contractors to stop routine chemical weed spraying along tracks. Volunteers are in the process of encouraging natural regeneration while controlling pest plants and planting some natives. As an archaeological site, no trees can be planted. Tidal erosion is a serious problem below parts of the old pah site. The Willow Bay area is part of Beyond the Fence which is affiliated with Friends of Le Roys Bush.


A rat and possum control programme is in place. 

About 100 plants have been planted in the Needles Eye reserve and a similar number in the other small reserves.  A further 100 plants have been planted on private land which had slipped due to a contractor error.

Auckland Council Parks Department, Kaipatiki Local Board

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