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Omaha Shorebird Protection Trust

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David Stone
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North Omaha Reserve, Ida Way
Omaha, Rodney District, Auckland
New Zealand

The purpose of the trust is to benefit the community by protecting all shorebirds, particularly Threatened, At Risk and Migrant species and their habitats on Omaha Spit and in Whangateau Harbour, including the New Zealand dotterel, New Zealand fairy tern, Caspian tern and variable oystercatcher, and maintaining North Omaha Reserve as a wildlife reserve of national and international significance.

Supporters of the Trust undertake shorebird protection programmes, including predator control and exclusion, temporary fencing of nesting areas during the breeding season to reduce disturbance and installation of signage. Predator control includes trapping, a pest proof fence has been constructed and monitoring using tracking tunnels and surveillance.

Bird monitoring is undertaken by trained volunteers.

The Trust undertakes community projects to protect the habitat important for shorebird breeding, roosting and feeding on Omaha Spit and in Whangateau Harbour. Removal of weed species and planting of native spinifex and pingao to combat sand erosion and create shelter for the shorebirds in the foredunes is an ongoing activity. Native restoration planting in the back dunes is also underway.

The Trust arranges school visits to the sanctuary and informs the community through articles in local publications. A brochure is available at entrances to the sanctuary and interpretative signage tells visitors about the shorebirds.

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Omaha beach Community Inc, Whangateau Harbourcare, Auckland Council and Department of Conservation.