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Otamahua/Quail Island Ecological Restoration Trust

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Barbara Price
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Quail Island in Lyttelton Harbour
near Christchurch
New Zealand
The Otamahua / Quail Island Ecological Restoration Trust aims:
1. To facilitate the restoration of indigenous vegetation and fauna on Otamahua/Quail Island and provide refuge for locally extinct, or rare and endangered species of the Banks Peninsula region;
2. To recognise, protect and enhance the natural values and the landscape character of the island;
3. To recognise historical sites and respect historic values of relevance both to the tangata whenua of Whakaraupo and to non-Maori;
4. To encourage public understanding, awareness and care of the island and its historic, cultural and natural values, and to foster interest in the restoration project through publicity and education;
5. To recognise and accommodate public use of the island;
6. To encourage relevant research on the natural features and cultural history of the island...

through a partnership between the tangata whenua, Department of Conservation and the Trust to achieve each of the above and assist in the management of the island.

Naval Point Club Lyttelton, Air Rescue Services, Pacific Development and Conservation Trust, Chirstchurch City Council, Fulton Hogan NZ, Beaver Trees and Landscaping, Department of Conservation, Treefund, Black Cat Cruises, The Community Trust, NZ Lottery Grants Board, Lyttelton Port of Christchurch, First Sovereign, Robert Bruce Trust