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Paremata Reclamation Restoration Project

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Paula Warren
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(04) 471 3118
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Reclamation behind the Paremata Railway Station,
next to the entrance to Porirua Harbour
New Zealand

Paremata Reclamation Restoration Project. The project aims to develop ecological and amenity values on the reclamation and adjacent estuary, and retain the rare plant populations that are present.  The reclamation was created by Transit in the 1970s, but has been colonised by two rare plants (Crassula peduncularis and Leptinella maniototo), which occupy the ephemeral wetland areas. The land is a potentially valuable recreation resource for the Paremata community, and also has potential to become part of a wider network of coastal vegetation (being directly opposite Whitireia, and close to remnants in Paremata).  We see the two objectives as quite compatible.  The adjacent estuary is well used by wading birds, and a number also use the ephemeral wetland when it is wet.

Initial step for the project is to establish native vegetation on the areas that are not wetland, and remove much of the gorse and pampas that dominate the site.  Plantings are currently kanuka and ngaio, as they can survive the rabbits.

We are also seeking to have ownership of the land resolved (it has been declared surplus, but not yet disposed of and turned into marginal strip). That will reduce the number of landowners involved, and clarify statutory objectives for the land.

The next step will be to solve the rabbit problem (allowing a wider range of plantings), and develop a picnic area/facilities on the northern end.

Keep Porirua Beautiful have funded plantings near SH1. Corrections are undertaking gorse/pampas control.
Porirua City Council, NZTA, DOC, KiwiRail (all landowners), plus Corrections and Keep Porirua Beautiful.

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