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Patanga Hill Group

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Dinah Priestley
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Southern part of Wellington’s Northern Walkway on Tinakori Hill.
Entrance via top of Patanga Cres and top of St Mary’s St, Thorndon, Wellington
New Zealand

The Patanga Hill Group started  out of concern over possible erosion in the area of Tinakori Hill where many  pines had been felled, some had been helicoptered out but many left lying by the WCC. There were large areas of splintered pines and a muddy field that we hoped to turn into a  meadow.
Dinah Priestley began planting natives in the area in 2005 and Tony Burton her partner put in a watering system. At this time all possums had been eradicated  and many birds were returning to the area. From 2006-2011 the Patanga Hill Group have received 400 plants each year from the WCC to  restock the area with natives. Our group of 24 volunteers carry out   regular weeding programmes.
We have recently obtained a grant from WCC  for a contractor to  construct a new track in an area called The Hanging Gardens of Ahu Mairangi. This was very successful and enabled us to  open up and plant  three entirely new galleries on Tinakori Hill.

The Thorndon Society acts as an umbrella organisation for us and publishes news of our plantings and weeding in The Thorndon News

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