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Rotoehu Ecological Trust

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Roger Bawden
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Pongakawa Ecological Area, part of Rotoehu Forest, North of Rotorua
New Zealand

A group of dedicated people who are just in the process of setting up a trust to help protect the Pongakawa Ecological Area and its inhabitants, primarily the North Island Kokako but also the forest as a whole.

What’s special about Pongakawa Ecological Area?

The Pongakawa Ecological Area (749 ha) is located within Rotoehu Forest to the north of Lake Rotoehu. The Ecological Area is managed by DOC for the protection and enhancement of this special ecosystem which is home to the endangered kokako (Callaeas cinerea wilsoni).

The Rotoehu Forest plays an important role in the ecological corridor concept which provides a native forest pathway for species to move between inland areas and the coast. 

Native forest within the Ecological Area was logged during the 1940s but luckily a diverse range of plant species still remain and the forest has rejuvenated since that time. Rotoehu forest is considered to be relatively intact and one of the best examples of lowland  broadleaf forest in the Rotorua area. Other than kokako, the Ecological Area supports a number of significant native animals including New Zealand pipit, whitehead and short-tailed bats.

Rotoehu Forest has sites of significance for Ngati Makino, Ngati Pikiao, Ngati Awa & Tuwharetoa ki Bay of Plenty. Ngati Makino have an active role in supporting the work of DOC in relation to kokako recovery.



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