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Rotoroa Island Trust

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Rotoroa Island, Hauraki Gulf, Auckland
New Zealand
Previously run by the Salvation Army as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, the Rotoroa Island Trust purchased a 99 year lease to restore the island’s natural environment and heritage buildings, allowing public access for the first time in 100 years in 2011. The island has a long history of human settlement and farming with its original native forest cover of predominantly coastal pohutukawa restricted to small steep cliff edge pockets. The result of this also meant a low number of native birds on the island. The Trust has so far planted over 400,000 native trees, and recently announced a partnership with Auckland zoo to create a wildlife sanctuary.

An ecological survey has been undertaken, along with an integrated weed management and pest eradication programme overseen by our Island ecologist. The pest eradication process involves 170 bait stations, 70 tracking tunnels and 40 traps installed across the island as detection and weed management manages the control of wilding pines and gorse on coastal cliffs.


Auckland Zoo, Auckland Council, DOC, Hauraki Gulf Marine Forum, Parks Forum, Forest and Bird