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Sandspit SOS Inc. (SSOSI)

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Frances Hall
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Matakana-Sandspit estuary, its streams and catchment.
New Zealand

Project names; Sandspit Reserve saltmarsh restoration, Banded Rail habitat, Dean's Island restoration. Predator control on that reserve.
Brick Bay Drive stream and associated wetlands restoration and inanga spawning site restoration.
Annual shellfish monitoring of spit's east side shellfish bed. This will be extended to the Rainbow's End shellfish bed in 2013 summer.
Shorebird data collection.
Waicare data collection of 2 local streams, gradually extending to other streams in the catchment.
Protection of the endemic and threatened Pomaderris hamiltonii on roadsides.
SSOSI is a group of mainly professional people keen to protect their special environment of bush and estuary.

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