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South Wairarapa Biodiversity Group

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Contact Person: 
Heather Atkinson
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Lakeferry Road, Pirinoa, South Wairarapa
New Zealand

The South Wairarapa Biodiversity Group was formed in October 2011. It is a rural community-led initiative and was the original brainchild of two Pirinoa Farmers.
The group's vision and goals are:
- To improve water quality and biodiversity through wetland restoration projects.
- To raise the level of awareness in the community of positive environmental management and its benefits.
- To improve farming practices through support and education.
- To promote restorative projects around Lake Onoke.
- To act as a conduit between local/regional agencies and the community on environmental issues.

In short the group is working to empower the local community so that the ecology of the area is enhanced with specific focus on potential educational, recreational, cultural and tourism opportunities available at Lake Onoke.