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Year Started: 
Contact Person: 
Eliz Walker
Phone Number: 
(09) 815 3539
E-mail address: 
Group Members: 
24 Fergusson Ave
Mt Albert
Auckland 1025
New Zealand

STEPS’ major objective is to protect and enhance Waitītiko Meola Creek, Roy Clements Treeway, local reserves, and the underlying aquifer. Our main activities include restoration planting, weeding, water quality monitoring and water quality advocacy. If you would like to join or support STEPS please contact us.

None though many plants are paid for by Albert Eden Local Board, Auckland Council. We are also working with Watercare Services (Council CCO) regarding future restoration projects.
Friends of Maungawhau, Friends of Oakley Creek, Weona Walkway supporters. Pasadena Intermediate School and Western Springs College also have groups working on Waitītiko restoration.