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Tamahunga Trappers Inc

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Sue Cameron
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Mt Tamahunga Forest
New Zealand

We are a community group made up of iwi, local landowners, DOC staff and other Warkworth area residents who are interested in preserving and enhancing the biodiversity values of the Mt Tamahunga forest. From our first meeting we prioritised our goals as seen below. But our first mission was to get the tracks organised, the traps out and start killing pests.

Short Term Purpose (12 months)
• Carry out pest control in order to enhance biodiversity successes for native species currently present, and future self-introductions.
• Monitor bird and invertebrate numbers to give baseline count to assess results of pest control

Long Term
• Increase community involvement in protection and enhancement of Mt Tamahunga ecosystem.
• Increase legal recreational use of reserve.

• Kill pests, have fun, enjoy the exercise
• Increase birdlife in the bush
• Cook’s Petrels breeding on Mt Tamahunga
• Safe habitat for king fern, tomtit, hochstetter frogs, bellbirds, kaka, kakariki (species currently present)
• Tamahunga to be stepping stone or safe habitat for overflow of species from Hauturu o Toi / Little Barrier Island and Tawharanui Regional Park.
• Piece of paradise on the mainland close to Matakana/Omaha/Warkworth community
• Encourage local communities to provide habitat for our native species
• Ensure the bush continues to provide filtering services for run-off in Whangateau Harbour catchment.


Cameron Auto Services Ltd,
Department of Conservation, Auckland Council, Ngati Manuhiri

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