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Te Ara Kākāriki : Greenway Canterbury

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Brooke Turner, coordinator
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Selwyn, Canterbury
New Zealand

The Te Ara Kākāriki (TAK) Greenway Canterbury Trust was established in 2006 to promote native plants and plant communities on the Canterbury Plains. The vision of the Trust is to create a greenway; patches and corridors (Greendots) for native wildlife that span the Canterbury Plains from the Mountains to the Sea, and created by the people who live here for the benefit of current and future generations. This will be achieved by TAK working collaboratively with individuals, landowners and organisations.

The boundaries are the Waimakariri and Rakaia Rivers, with an initial focus on the Selwyn District Council area. TAK is a community initiative that meets the needs of a growing number of people wishing to make use of native plants – for all reasons.