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Te Kauae O Maui Nature Reserve

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Nathan McCauley
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2099 Colville Road
Colville RD4 3584
New Zealand

VISION: To create a unique sanctuary which is abundant with native flora and fauna.
MISSION: Restore natural processes/species through holistic guardianship. Use minimal poisons, whilst striving to gain maximum benefits.
Central to Te Kauae O Maui Nature Reserve are the following core values:
Deliver on our commitments.
Be accountable for our actions and our impact on the environment.
Treat all people, animals and plants with respect and dignity.
Use quality equipment that will endure.
Use renewable and biodegradable resources when possible.
Use poisons as a last resort.
Strive to constantly improve and aim to develop environmentally sustainable initiatives.
Encourage diversity of people, ideas and opinions.
Recognise other peoples’ good ideas and be prepared to adopt them.
Think outside the square.

TKOM Nature Reserve comprises a mixture of mature and regenerating forest.
Beside manuka and kanuka, it contains mature kauri, pururi, rata, rewarewa, tanekaha and tawa, to name just a few.
It has a large number of nikau palm groves, mature fern trees, lancewood and Five Finger.
In this Nature Reserve, Pittosporum virgatum which is at risk and naturally uncommon, is present.
The area has never been burned off, as was the case with most of the neighbouring properties and therefore the regeneration of the forest is well established.
It has not been milled since it was purchased by the current owners in 1980 and some of the kauri are starting to crown now.
Great efforts have been made to keep browsing stock out of the forest, which has resulted in a healthy forest floor.
The “Umangawha Kiwi Site” of which TKOM Nature Reserve is the centre, was classed ‘a kiwi hot spot’ by Sid Marsh in 1995. Three other surveys, conducted in 2005, 2010 and 2014 confirm his findings.
A male kiwi and its offspring were monitored for four years as part of the Moehau Kiwi Sanctuaries efforts to understand and protect the species in a more effective way.
Kaka are heard and seen daily and at night roost on one of the centre ridges.
Kereru, morepork, bellbirds and tui are present, as are a lot of other small forest birds.
The streams are pristine and undisturbed, creating the ideal habitat for the native frogs, fish and eels that are present.
Several species of skinks and geckos are present and sometimes seen basking in the sun and the rare and vulnerable striped gecko (Hoplodactylus stephensi) is known to occur in the Colville area.
A wide variety of interesting native insects and other invertebrates are also present.
But like everywhere else in New Zealand rats and possums are a constant battle.
We are very grateful to have received funding from the Biodiversity Condition Fund for a 3-year pest management program, which started in November 2012!
At present invasive weeds are proving a real challenge and if we can't make any traction, it will prove a disaster.
Climbing Asparagus (Asparagus scadens) and Woolly Nightshade are our most pressing threats.
So we have a monthly weed working bee to hand pull a buffer zone between our primary forest and a large area of weeds.

Moehau Environment Group (MEG), Waiaro Sanctuay, Environment Waikato (EW), DOC Coromandel, Waikato Regional Council, Project Crimson

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Te Kauae O Maui Nature Reserve

We need help - Come weed for a few hours, then try your luck for a fish or go for a bush walk.