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Trentham Ecological Restoration Project

Year Started: 
Contact Person: 
Harley O'Hagan, Water Services Manager, DEI
NZ Defence Force land, Trentham
Upper Hutt 5018
New Zealand

Our vision is “An aquatic pathway from the Trentham Hills to the Hutt River, alive with native fish and birdlife, and providing a living record of the vegetation sequence that once existed. A place that enhances people's living environment and where people learn how natural ecosystems function through working on a project in their backyard.”

 The objectives of this restoration project are:

 To protect and restore biodiversity and habitat values within the three sites identified;

  • To contribute to a habitat corridor enabling fish passage from the Hutt River to the upper Hull catchment (complementing Forest & Bird's work at the Silverstream end of Heretaunga Drain/Hulls Creek);
  • To foster a culture of environmental sustainability within the NZDF at Trentham through involvement in a local restoration project, including the opportunity to gain new environmental-based skills and knowledge;
  • To achieve the above objectives without compromising or impacting existing use of the land by NZDF, its neighbours and licencees, or impacting on flood management by UHCC.

Important Note: Some of our restoration areas are located within an active live-fire military range complex, and for everyone's safey access is strictly prohibited except for formal organised restoration events.  However, you are welcome to visit the restoration planting alongside Heretaunga Drain between Freyberg and Gallipoli Roads - feel free to pull a weed or two!

NZ Defence Force (& previously GWRC ‘Take Care’ Programme)
We are grateful for assistance and advice from Forest & Bird, and our partnerships with Upper Hutt Probation Service and Pinehaven & Silverstream Schools

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