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Upper Clutha Conservation Network

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Rebecca Picard
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Upper Clutha Area
New Zealand

Welcome to the Upper Clutha Conservation Network. Following on from the Community Conservation Forum held in Wanaka in May 2014, this network is for groups, individuals and landowners undertaking conservation restoration work in the Upper Clutha region. From the feedback generated at this meeting we identified that there are opportunities for collaboration, information sharing and development at a more operational level to be explored. Objectives of the network:
• To identify ways the conservation groups can work together to exchange information and to create synergies
• Unify different conservation groups working on projects in similar areas to create an overall vision/objectives

There are many groups, individuals and landowners dedicating time and effort to restore and enhance our environment. The Department of Conservation’s Upper Clutha Conservation Network supports these people. They have a wide range of conservation interests included predator control, vegetation enhancement, bird monitoring, lizard habitat protection, general conservation work, local foods, conservation education, track maintenance, sustainable farming and legislation.

We work with all groups involved in conservation in the Upper Clutha area.