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Volcano to Sea

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Trudy Rankin
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Volcano: Pigeon Mt Ohuiarangi - 68R Pigeon Mt Rd, Howick, Auckland
Waterways: Wakaaranaga Creek and Pakuranga Stream, out to the Tamaki River and Hauraki Gulf
New Zealand

Volcano to Sea is an urban community catchment restoration project by NZ Landcare Trust helping the local community to improve their environment. Based in Howick, Auckland this innovative three year project aims to capture the enthusiasm and energy of the local community, enabling them to make a positive contribution to their local environment. This catchment scale project will create an ecological corridor linking a dormant volcano called Pigeon Mountain/O Huiarangi with the sea via Wakaaranga Creek, Pakuranga Stream and the Tamaki River.

To develop an innovative whole-of-catchment-approach initiative in Auckland which links communities, remnant natural features and the sea. ‘Volcano to Sea’ will capture the imagination of schools and community members, harnessing their enthusiasm to initiate or continue making positive changes in their local environment. NZ Landcare Trust is aware that lots of schools and individuals are already doing lots of work in the area. The Volcano to Sea project looks to link with existing work and to build on it.

1. Encourage stewardship of the environment by schools and the local community
2. Enhance local area biodiversity, contribute towards improved water quality in the area and embrace iwi cultural values
3. Support and strengthen collaboration between schools, communities and project partners including iwi
4. Develop simple resources focusing on ecological restoration and catchment management
5. Enable schools and community members to collect scientific data and share their results with the wider community
6. Develop an educational programme to facilitate learning about catchment and associated area ecology, socio-cultural values and restoration processes.

Auckland Council, Ngai Tai ki Tamaki Tribal Trust, Sustainable Coastlines, Hauraki Gulf Forum, The Enviroschools Foundation, Auckland University, Howick Local Board

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