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Waiaro Ecological Sanctuary

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Kelvin Mouritsen
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608 Port Jackson Road, Port Jackson, Colville
New Zealand

Waiaro Ecological Sanctuary promotes holistic conservation the Kaitiakitanga way and works closely with the natives. We specialize in trapping using state of the art techniques and traps as well as continually upskilling. We eradicate pigs,cats, opossums,stoats and rats. There is a healthy population of Kiwi, Pateke, fantail, geckos,weta etc and Whio ( blue duck) have been sighted here. The Sanctuary provides a significant buffer to the Moehau State Forest and has been identified as the most valuable privately owned ecological block on the Coromandel and the largest privately owned Kauri Forest. It is possibly the only place on the Coromandel not saturated with various toxins. The success of our rat trapping with Kamate traps is documented in the Scientific Journals and available from Landcare Research Press. We focus on prevention of re-infestation and are currently on a mission to unite the community by involving them in our West to East trapline targeting cats, opossums,mustelids and rats, a route has been defined, permission obtained and a strategy is being implemented. Our group has many skills and much experience on the ground but our main problem is re-infestation and apathy from surrounding landowners.

Waikato Regional Council and Biodiversity Conditional Fund
Waikato Regional Council, Moehau Tangatawhenua and Wananga Aotearoa