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Waikowhai wildlife sanctuary project

Year Started: 
Contact Person: 
David Bowden
Phone Number: 
+64 9 365 3085
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Waikowhai Park, Hillsborough
New Zealand
He wa whakarurunga mo nga tamariki o Tane - A safe place for the children of Tane

A string of native bush reserves lie along the northern edge of the Manukau Foreshore. There are areas of precious remnant native coastal forest which require protection. The forests act as habitats for wildlife.

Currently, an enthusiastic and dedicated group of 30+ local volunteers are carrying out intensive animal pest control within a 140 hectare area.
1. To reduce possum and rat numbers to low levels within the sanctuary zone
2. To expand current pest control activities to feral cats and stoats
3. To expand current animal pest control activities from 75 to 140 hectares
4. To identify Kereru nesting sites and establish animal pest traps around them
5. To establish bird, insect and invertebrate monitoring sites
6. To establish a panel of expert people to provide ongoing guidance
7. To encourage students to study flora and fauna within the sanctuary zone


Auckland Council
Conservation Volunteers New Zealand