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Waimeha Lagoon Restoration Group and Waimeha Beach Dune Restoration Group

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Pryor Rowland
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+64 27 453 9464
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The Lagoon is 8.4 hectares situated in the Waikanae Beach area, bounded by
Waimeha Rd, Queens Rd and Tutere St, Kapiti Coast.
New Zealand

Waimeha Lagoon Restoration

Started in 1999 the group's aim is the restoration of the lagoon and dune areas to the original flora. Waimeha Lagoon is a highly valued wetland reserve featuring birdlife and rare flora. The Group is eradicating invasive weeds growing throughout the Lagoon and dunes and reestablishing the original flora. Through the efforts of the group parts of the reserve now feature rare and threatened lowland forest and wetland species. 

Around the Lagoon, black acacia, blackberry, gorse, and apium are some of the serious weeds in the wet areas plus arum lilies, montbretia, pampas, honeysuckle and ivy. Willows and karo are also threatening the native flora we wish to establish.

Waimeha Beach Dune Restoration

Work on dune restoration started in 2005. The coastal dunes are threatened by the growth of exotic species, particularly marram and lupins. Once the threatening plants are removed, natives such as pingao and spinifex are planted.


Working bees are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday afternoons of each month. The work involves removal of invasive weeds, planting preferred species, and releasing of new plantings.

New members are always welcome. Contact [email protected]


Greater Wellington Regional Council, Kapiti Coast District Council