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Weggery Reserve Conservation Group

Year Started: 
Contact Person: 
John Swinley
E-mail address: 
148 Weggery Drive
Waikanae Beach
Wellington 5036
New Zealand

We are two retired neighbours in properties that back onto the reserve working with others to:

  1. Protect native flora and fauna
  2. Deter invasive non-native plants
  3. Develop vegetation that will attract native birds
  4. Reduce threats and predators to native birds
  5. Beautify the area for public recreation and enjoyment
  6. Protect the flood bank from erosion

We are always looking for people to help weed around the young natives trees we've planted, and help with further planting!

If you are interested email Julian:  [email protected] or John: [email protected]


KCDC, wider community individuals and groups.