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Help develop a regional approach to pest management in the greater Wellington region

Whether it’s placing a chew card by your neighbourhood rubbish bin, our Biosecurity team treating invasive plants or setting stoat traps in Queen Elizabeth Park; from the backyard to bush reserves, we want to make sure our approach to pest control has a regional focus and supports all the amazing work that is going on, from a national, down to the local level.

Community groups do amazing work that significantly contributes to reducing pests in the region, and we want to make sure that your needs and thoughts are captured in the regional approach we take to pest management. We need your help to develop a Regional Pest Management Plan (RPMP) that will guide our future approach to pest management.

In order to do this we want to understand your priorities for pest management to develop the plan. The plan will guide our activity, give it a regional focus and provide vital support for the awesome work that happens throughout the region.

Our review journey is just beginning, with the development of a discussion document on which we’d love to hear your feedback. Check out to tell us your thoughts. We would appreciate your feedback on the discussion document by July 19, 2017.

We’re really keen for your input as we all have a role to play in protecting what’s important about our region.

Some background

What does the RPMP do?

The RPMP provides the strategic and statutory framework for effective pest management in the greater Wellington region. The development and implementation of the plan will assist all of us with pest management – a task essential to protect and enhance our environmental and economic resource for the future. 

Where we are going:

We are in the initial stage of gathering information from stakeholders and have produced a discussion document as one of the first steps in the review process. The document outlines the aims of the review, key proposed changes, a proposed timeline and feedback form. Discussion generated from this document, plus a combination of meetings and workshops will feed into the development of a new proposed RPMP.

More information

If you require more detail about the current Regional Pest Management Strategy, the RPMP Discussion Document, or key dates in the project, go to