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In our second year we stopped using baited traps for rats and mice as there was no record of numbers killed. We installed 173 double Victor Traps. This was more rewarding as it gave us some date to compare with future years. We mainly used white chocolate buttons as bait, occasionally we changed to peanut butter, but this was messy to put on and also to clean up the traps, with no noticeable change in results.

In the Timms traps we usually use carrots sprinkled with cinnamon, on occasions we use apple pieces.

During the year we caught:

                                                : 353 Rats         Mostly in Victor traps but some in DOC 200's

                                                : 270 Mice         Almost all in Victor's

                                                : 6 Stoats          In DOC 200's

                                                : 20 Possums    In Timms Traps