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Herald Island Environmental Group

In 1995, the Herald Island Residents and Ratepayers Association Inc. (HIRRA) formed a 'Keep Herald Island Beautiful' subcommittee, which for the next 20 years carried out weed control, litter control and revegetation in Herald Island parks and road reserves. In 2016, the name of the subcommittee was changed to 'Herald Island Environmental Group' (HIEG) and the work was extended to the control of animal pests, starting with rats. The parks work is funded by Auckland Council Parks and any work on road reserves is supported by Auckland Transport. This work aims to enhance the Herald Island section of the North-West Wildlink (NWW), making Herald Island a safe stopping off point for birds traversing this corridor through the Upper Waitemata Harbour. 2016 also saw the HIEG partner with Gecko Trust, to help develop a whole of community approach by extending the work to private land. In 2017, the Upper Harbour Local Board funded a Herald Island 'Bringing Back the Birds' project, to carry out rat control, weed control and revegetation on private land and to assist with a community nursery for providing eco-sourced local native plants. In 2017, the HIEG extended its work to the regeneration of the waterways of Herald Island and the local area.