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History of CUE Haven

The project started in August 2008, and we stopped grazing in 2009. As of August 2017, we have planted over 165,000 native trees and the property has been fully planted out with pioneer species.  Our plan forthe next few years is to continue to infill plant  longer lived trees (e.g., totara, rimu, kauri) as the canopy is established.  We eco source our plants from a local nursery.

We are using possum bait boxes stocked with broadifacoum throughout the property to control possums and rats. We have also deployed several DOC 200 traps and Timms traps throughout the property for predator control.

We have about 4 km of walking tracks and an additional 4km of maintenance roads that will revert to walking tracks when the project is largely complete.  

We also provide the public with the opportunity to plant memorial trees for departed loved ones or celebration trees to commemorate a life milestone (e.g., birthday, anniversary). See for more details.

In 2017 the property was transferred to the CUE Haven Community Trust.