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History of Forest and Bird, Hibiscus Coast Branch

Since 2003 we have managed to restore native planting to over an acre of land in the middle of a mainly urban landscape. There were some natives there that had been planted about 40 years previously on c.10% of the site. These have been left intact and the rest of the site planted out with consideration given to a local population of ornate skinks.
The trees have eventually started to get to a good height in most places and have defeated many of the weeds and grasses that dominated previously. Some large exotics have been left on the site as they provide roosting/nesting for some birds, including tui and we think ruru again.
It has been difficult working in an impoverished soil and with limited access to water we have lost a lot of plants in their early stages. Perseverance paid off and now we have the beginning of what will become known as a bush reserve. We have had a lot of advice and assistance from the Auckland Council (Rodney Council and the ARC) and DOC.
A lot of learning has taken place