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History of Friends of A’Deane’s Bush


Predators such as feral cats and mustelids are managed through a trap network around the Reserve which is currently being extended through neighbouring lands.  Rats are managed through a bait station system and are currently tracking at 2.5% (Oct 2011). 

A weed management plan  has been implemented and the number one priority weeds, including Old Mans Beard, are under control with others controlled as resourses allow.

There are significant areas around the reserve that have been grazed in the past that are now being planted up.  Plants have been provided by Ahuriri DOC volunteer nursery and also the sponsers.  We are in the process of setting up a growing unit for  Sherwood school with Genesis Reforestation Trust.

Kereru, tui, morepork and long tailed bat counts, weta houses, lizard retreats and invertebrate monitoring are all being utilised to help us understand the bush area and to monitor the response of wildlife to the pest control efforts.

Planning is underway to re-introduce appropriate forest bird species such as rifleman, tomtit, robin and whitehead over the next few years.