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History of Friends of Ernle Clark

1900-1930 English woodland of oaks, ash, yew, sycamore, wellingtonia and holly
1920? 2 kahikatea planted
1960 native trees planted around pond
1970 Deryk Morse campaigns thor walk land along river paper road (fences removed)
1990 Dr Colin Meurk advises Thorrington school in a forest revegetation project to mark NZ Sesquicentennial
2000 Turning Point 2000 plant area with local schools
2006 Spreydon Heathcote Community Board fund community planting of shrubs and ferns
2007 regular working bee on last Saturday of month commence 1 hour 3 to 4 pm in winter, 4 to 5 pm in summer
2009 Biddy and friends successfully lobby Council to buy Isaac woodland to add to Reserve
2012 Grant Bowden won Weedbusters Award for campaign against ivy