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History of Hunua Ranges Kokako Project

The Hunua Ranges held the last remnant population of kokako in the Auckland Region but in the 90's it was discovered that the once widespread population had fallen to 22 males and only 1 female . Intensive monitoring and trapping around individual nests, and an ever increasing area covered by traps and bait stations has meant that in the last 20 years the population is now well over 200 birds and now only a sample quantity of nests are surveyed each year to monitor how the nesting season is going. We have had singles and pairs of kokako translocated in from other areas of North Island ( Tiri Tiri, The King Country) to increase the genetic pool . A 1080 drop in 2015 led to a bumper breeding season not just for the kokako but all the other wildlife too and frogs, kaka and tomtits are prolific. If not checking traps and bait stations, volunteers are clearing bait lines ( tiny tracks through the bush) ready for the next baiting round.