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History of Kaitawa Reserve

Forest & Bird volunteers commenced restoration of the then neglected and weed infested reserve in 1996.

An achieved aim has been to control weeds and restore shade over the streams in order to restore and improve in stream habitat. A 1999 fish survey, by DOC, found small numbers of eleven native species within the Reserve. Following removal of the former fish barrier at the SH1 culvert, significant numbers of fish were to be found in all pools, during the recent summer.

The establishment of initial cover with colonising primary species has enabled emergent species including  rimu, matai, miro, totara, kahikatea, northern rata, black maire, swamp maire, etc to be incorporated as well.

Bird numbers have increased significantly as a result, it is particularly satisfying the bell birds are now regularly to be heard.

A lesson learnt has been not to plant greater numbers of plants than can be cared for over the following two years.