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History of Kauri Point Centennial Park & Chatswood Reserve Management Committee

The group was formed at a public meeting called by the Mayor of Birkenhead City Council in 1989, after coastal land was purchased jointly by Council and Queen Elizabeth II National Trust. Our members either as the executive or 'friends' work under management plans developed with Council.
Our Aims: To assist the restoration of native bush and improve biodiversity. To help local residents & visitors enjoy the scenic and recreational values.
Activities: Volunteers are encouraged to contact us to discuss tasks that may suit them. For example - working bees on tracks, predator control. planting & weeding, inspections & reporting, meetings & submissions.

In 2009 a booklet was published, covering our achievements and telling the history of the area. A copy is in the Birkenhead Library.

We report to Council, Kaipatiki Local Board & Kaipatiki Restoration Network