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History of Lake Runanga Restoration

150 Years of farming around Lake Runanga have slowly raised the levels of nutrients and sediment in the water and the bed of the lake. Making things even harder for the lake around 40 years ago both the outlet level was lowered and the large spring that always flowed into the lake was diverted out of the lake. All of these factors slowly but surely degraded the lakes health. Around 15 years ago local land owners came to the realization that the water levels could be and needed to be restored for the lakes health to recover. After 10 years of work a 1m high 600m long wall with concrete over flow weir were built to restore the level with significant help from HB Fish & Game, Biodiversity Condition Fund and the Hawke's Bay Regional Council.
Since then the project has moved focus towards fencing off the lake from livestock, poisoning willows around the lake edge and re-establishing native forest between the fence and the raupo on the water’s edge through planting. We have gained significant ongoing support from the Biodiversity Condition Fund, Hawke's Bay Regional Council and Hawke's Bay Fish & Game of which we are truly grateful. We are of to a great start.