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History of Le Roys Bush Management Committee

Over 20 years ago locals that lived around Le Roys Bush started controlling the exotic plants, such as crack willow, that had invaded the Little Shoal Bay Wetland.  We are now the Le Roys Bush group and some of those willow-killers are still part of the group.  It was an ambitious project which took many years of volunteer labour to remove crack willow and pampas grass.  We had some contractors to help finish it off,  funded by the then Auckland Regional Council.  You can still see some dead standing willows but with every storm more collapse.  We wish we had some "before" photos.  We are still controlling weeds which enjoy the open conditions of the wetland.  There are also weeds coming in from the private bush that surrounds the reserve.  As we get more and more of the weeds under control in the reserve we are turning round and facing that private land, willing to help neighbours who are prepared to get weeding too.

The area surrounding the bush is increasingly being subdivided and the reserve is likely to lose more of the bush buffer which currently surrounds it.  We continue to advocate to Council the importance of this buffer to the amenity values of Birkenhead but also to the healthy ecological functioning of the plants, animals and  invertebrates of Le Roys Bush.