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History of Maketu Ongatoro Wetland Society

Results achieved so far:
• Improved the breeding success of the New Zealand dotterel population
• Provided a more secure environment for other native species
• Removed all resident pests apart from mice, from the tip of the spit
• Removed or killed all Pampas and several other weed species on the spit
• Replanting native species to restore important ecological habitats within the dunes and wetlands (Borrow Pits – Inanga habitat)
• Discovered five new or undescribed species of invertebrate
• Cleaned up the spit – ongoing
• We have raised awareness of the importance of wetlands, dunelands and our native species
• We have developed an educational programme with the local school
• Dunes Trust of New Zealand award for Best Ecological Restoration Project 2011
• Western Bay of Plenty TrustPower Community Awards – Supreme Winner 2011

Cleaned up the verges along Ford Road and Maketu Road, removing Pampas, Black Wattle and other weed species, replanted with natives.

Removed pampas from, Maketu Sportsfield.

Built a semi-permanent fence at Dotterel Point, Pukehina to protect NZ Dotterel and other shorebirds and to protect and encourage the regrowth of native vegetation.

Run a Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP) on Maketu Spit, developing BMPs for Newdick's Beach (Okurei Point) and Dotterel Point, Pukehina.

Ongoing Reptile survey on Maketu spit, developing surveys on Newdick's Beach and at Pukehina.