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History of Mt Chocolate


A vacant 2 1/2 acre (10,000 sq m) weed infected paddock is purchased at 70 Severn St, Clifton Invercargill, New Zealand.


The site is sprayed off with Glysophate to enable removal of masses of buried rubbish with a digger. The over-grazed and heavily compacted soil is also dug over by the digger, levelled and then resown in pasture grass. At the same time, recontouring is done to create 2 perimeter streams, turn a gully into an ephemeral wetland, and create Mt Chocolate on top of the buried rubble of a long-gone farmhouse. Some planting begins of flax.


The soil is removed down to the clay from the future building site and carefully reused elsewhere. Planting continues of flax


An access road is constructed over compacted clay and construction fabric. Mass planting begins. All plants are grown at Mt Chocolate nursery.


Mass planting continues. Regular observations begin.


Mass planting continues. Construction of fences, paths and small sheds underway.