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History of Native Forest Restoration Trust

The Native Forest Restoration Trust was founded in 1980 following a campaign against the felling of giant totara in Pureora Forest. The primary aim of the Trust is to encourage and undertake restoration of degraded or destroyed New Zealand indigenous habitats and plant communities. This small group of dedicated people have acquired and protected well over 6000 hectares of native forest and wetlands creating reserves throughout the North Island and northern South Island.

The Trust is run by a board of trustees and a Trust Manager with support from two Reserve Managers and a network of Honorary Rangers and volunteers.

After each reserve is purchased, a covenant for permanent protection through the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust is placed on the land, a management plan is developed and an Honorary Ranger who lives in the local area is appointed to assist with management. In some cases a local group takes responsibility for the management of a reserve, carrying out weed and animal pest control and planting trees.