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History of Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust

Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust was formed in 2004 out of concern for the declining state of Rotokare Scenic Reserve. It is a community-owned and community-driven project, and accommodates a wide variety of community interests including conservation and recreation.

The Trust initially set out to raise $30,000 for a pest trapping project, this was successfully achieved and delivered. Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust soon realised that the potential for Rotokare could be so much more.
Plans were made to achieve high-level biodiversity restoration by- constructing an 8.2km pest-proof fence, total eradication of 12 pest species from within this fence, establishment of a quality environmental education programme, re-vegetate 12.5ha of land gifted to the project from neighbouring landowners. This generous gift enabled us to establish on-site facilities ( including a workshop, and education centre).
The reintroduction of native species rare or extinct from the area.