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History of Sustainable Coastlines Charitable Trust

Coastal clean-up operations

Our activities reduce the human impact on the environment primarily through the removal of non-biodegradable waste. Our coastal clean-up projects make much more than a visual difference to the coast: they create awareness of important environmental problems, involve local communities, and provide an inspiring and educational event.

Advancement of education

Education is our major charitable focus and we work hard to ensure that learning is passed on throughout all of our activities. Our events aim to advance this education through hands-on learning, where participants develop a real understanding of our impact on the environment and ways in which we can reduce this.

Our educational work extends to all sectors of the community and we have delivered educational presentations on the challenges of marine pollution to schools, businesses, community groups, governmental departments and community probation service workers.

Promoting sustainable revenue practices

We promote sustainable revenue practices, taking a holistic view of the environment. These are projects aimed at increasing the sustainability of community resources. We achieve this by providing such projects with volunteers, funding, consultation, events and comparative analysis.

An example of one such sustainable revenue practice is the activity of planting waterways to reduce farm nutrient run off, while enhancing the water quality that flows through streams and into the coastal environment.