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History of Swanson Sustainable Neighbourhood

We are a group of neighbours interested in sustainablility, getting rid of weeds, and restoring the native bush that our sections are situated on or near.
We have individually spent a lot of time and energy trying to restore (and reduce our impact on) our local environment. In May 2013, it was realised that we should work together to achieve our goals. With the support of the Weedfree trust, we can also be provided with any extra resources we may need. 
By acting together as a group, we can share knowledge, research, and the weeding workload! Our members cover a wide variety of ages and experience, but we all have a strong sense of community and the desire to positively impact our surroundings.
By starting small and helping each other tackle our own properties, we hope to one day extend this to improving the roadsides, and the local reserve.