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History of Te Kaainga Tawhai Forest

Te Kaainga Tawhai forest was previously privately owned with cattle and domestic pigs ranging freely throughout the property and no pest control evident. It had patches of grazed and previously burnt areas alongside mature forest.
We started with possum control, then added stoat and rat control and have also carried out wasp control for many years. The leadership provided in pest control has spilled over to some of the neighbours who now also control mustelids and wasps. Our forest has gone through a major vegetation recovery with many soft leaf species returned and now strong and our species variety has recently been assessed as significantly high by the local botanical society and includes a wide range of orchids. Our birdlife has steadily improved, though we have to be on the alert for beech mast years. We continue to maintain pest control, extend our buffer zones and monitor the effect of our guardianship.
We have a range of educational activities and tools available from ages 4 - 84 and have had many people enjoy our forest and learn in the process. We share our knowledge and experience freely with landowners and other restoration groups. We welcome visitors and people who contribute to the ecology can stay in a batch on site.