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History of Te Kauae O Maui Nature Reserve

The landowners have been trapping possums on a small scale in this block for the last 15 years. They put aside a small budget annually for animal pest control and over the years have extended the range of targeted animal pests.
 We were running 30 timms possum traps, 30 Victor rat traps, 28 Kamate rat traps,70 leg hold possum traps, 3 cat traps and 1 pig trap. From 01.01.2010 to 01.10.2010 they have caught 155 possums, 134 rats, 111 mice, 3 cats, 3 pigs, and 1 stoat. Last year over 500 possums and 365 rats were removed This work is done purely on a voluntary basis.
The landowners instigated, co-ordinated, participated and paid for a kiwi survey in winter 2010.
They ran the stoat traps in the block voluntarily until 2005, when the lines were taken over by MEG. 

 Well done! to those helpers that carried in MEG's replacement  traps at the end of October 2012.

 This year (2013) we have set up an "intensive rat trap block" that covers 12 hectares, using Kamate traps designed by one of New Zealands rat eradication pioneers - Bruce Thomas. The traps were opened on the 13th of March 2013 after two rounds of prebaiting, at four day intervals. To date we have caught 317 rats and 172 mice and counting..... 

 At the beginning of the year we set up a possum buffer line around our boundry. This comprises of a mix of Timms and possum master kill traps. We service 49 traps and they were first opened on the 21st of February 2013 and to date have caught 140 possums. Add to that the possums caught in other traps inside the reserve and we have caught 286 possums already until the 30th of April!

We have also been granted 30 Pohutakawa trees by "Project Crimson" to plant on the high spurs this winter. This will compliment the few trees that have survived the kauri extraction days.

A big thank you to the Biodiversity Condition Fund, Waikato Community Conservation Fund and Project Crimson for their support!

 Thanks to Renee, Stefan, Lief, Valerie & Said who came and did a few hours weeding or tree planting this July/August, While passing through on their visit to New Zealand.