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History of Te Motu Kairangi - Miramar Ecological Restoration

Te Motu Kairangi-Miramar Ecological Restoration is a Community group that was started back in 2011. We are so far a small dedicated group of volunteers and locals working to restore the peninsula to a more natural state focusing on its flora. Hopefully with this aim more of the regions birdlife will on naturally return. Our goal is towards becoming a "mainland island".

In just these few years we have planted over 4000 plants around the peninsula. We strictly use only ecosourced plants which are provided by the Forest & Bird Nursery, wellington city council and as well as from our own little nursery.Seeds are collected around the town reserves which we are growing ourselves or directly scatter around the bushy parts of the peninsula to speed up the regenerating bush and to increase the biodiversity.

Our native fruit pigeon, the kererū, has long been known for its seed dispersal ability. However, kererū is still a rare sight on the peninsula. Without the kererū, the rate of decline in regeneration of certain large seeded tree species, such as tawa, miro, nikau and kohekohe is alarmingly high.

One of our current main focus is to bring back the missing large seeded species which would have in the past been spread by larger birds such as the kereru and moa species.

Mainly locally extinct or threatened flora species has been reintroduced or planted to boost current population. Species such as kohekohe, nikau, tawa, rewarewa, putautaweta, pate, totara, miro, pukatea etc. It is unlikely that some flora species will be able to recolonize the peninsula from the mainland due to the lack of certain birds and nearby sources without human assistance and it is desirable to accelerate this process.

Encouraging homeowners and gardeners to purchase and putting out traps targeting pest mammals. Pestcontrol during 2011-2013 rats and hedgehog has been the only pest trapped using doc 200 so far.

Join us and help to restore this beautiful piece of land to its former glory.

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