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History of Waihora Ellesmere Trust

Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere, is one of New Zealand's most important wetland systems, it is a brackish, swallow lagoon with an average depth of 1.4m. It is the 5th biggest lake in New Zealand and is internationally significant for its wildlife abundance and diversity. In 1990 a National Water Conservation Order (WCO) recognized the Lake as an outstanding wildlife habitat. To Ngai Tahu Lake represents a major mahinga kai. In 2004, following extensive community consultation, a Community Strategy for the Future Management of Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere and its tributaries was drafted. It set out a Vison for the next 50 years for the Lake and tributaries, guiding principles, strategic actions and a series of goals, targets and actions. WET have developed an action plan that can contribute to achieving the vision of the Community Strategy. Through this action plan we measure and report on outputs such as volunteer planting events, educational activities etc. Wet hosts the biennial Living Lake Symposium and in conjunction with this releases the State of the Lake Report - the last being 2017.