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History of Waimeha Lagoon Restoration Group and Waimeha Beach Dune Restoration Group

There are fifteen bait stations situated in the Lagoon area for pest eradication. These pests include rats, opossums, rabbits and magpies and appear to have been eradicated.

Many hundreds of grasses, (Carex secta) and flaxes have been planted in the wetland and along all waterways in the area.

A stand of kohe kohe, another of cabbage trees and groups of totara are all becoming established in other areas.

We have had help from the Greater Wellington Regional Council to remove willows and karo, both not natural to this area.

We have also sprayed many weeds around the Lagoon.

The introduced marram grass has taken over wide areas of the coastal foredunes dunes. Many of these areas have been sprayed and subsequently planted with natives, pingao and spinifex for example.

After seeing the work being carried out by the group and the results of that work many residents have become aware of the need for restoration and have joined the group.