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History of Whakaangi Landcare Trust

The landowners of Hihi Peninsular had for years tried to do their own trapping to attempt to keep possum, stoat, rat numbers down but found it was a losing battle and very time consuming. The object was to protect the declining Northland Brown Kiwi of which there was population of approx 300 breeding birds. So in 2003 the landowners called a meeting and established the Whakaangi Landcare Trust so they could become a Legal Entity and apply for outside funding. By combining everyone's various skills the Project has become very successful and the predator numbers are now down to very low numbers with the kiwi population slowly increasing in noticeable numbers. The Project has to be on-going to prevent almost certain re-invasion of predators. The Trust now has possum figures down extremely low, rats under control to around 5%, stoats and weasels constantly and heavily trapped to keep them in manageable numbers, feral cats now almost totally eradicated. The forests have extensive regeneration, pohutukawas on the coastline which were under severe threat and poor health are now lush and very healthy. Native birds abound with species like native wood pigeons returning in numbers as now we have trees laden with berries and a thick overhead canopy to protect them. The future of the Trust looks bright and the future is to protect more areas with our main focus of trying to ensure our NZ Icon, the kiwi, is there for future generations. It has been a long learning curve of 'best practices' and we have amassed much knowledge of how to maintain an operation such as ours. This knowledge we make freely available to similar Groups. The Trust acknowledges the incredible professional help we have received from DOC and others.