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History of Whitireia Park Restoration Group

The park was previously managed by DOC and now is jointly managed by Ngati Toa and GWRC. The Onehunga Bay Restoration Group (previous name) won GWRC ‘Take Care” funding in 2006. The winter prior to this we had planted a wetland with money from the Rotary Club. We lost most of these plants to cattle who gained re-entry. The cattle were an ongoing battle for a number of years but since the fire in 2010 there have been no cattle grazed in the park. We have had excellent support from the public with newspaper coverage being the best publicity. We have a small core team of organisers and run 3 public planting days a year. Our biggest learning has been to ensure money is put aside for spray releasing, as kikuyu is a real problem for us. We space our plants further and spend more on spraying.