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History of Windy Hill Rosalie Bay Catchment Trust

Integrated pest management began in 1999 targeting kiore, ship rats, mice, feral cats, feral pigs, magpies, mynas and invasive plant species.
40,000 rats trapped, an unknown number poisoned, 257 feral cats culled, 50-60 feral pigs, a flock of mynas and 15 magpies removed. Large area of wilding pines poisoned (350+ trees) and large number of juvenile pines cut down. Plant pests removed include pampas. Plectranthus, hakea, mexican devil weed, heather, cotoneaster, and jasmine.
A comprehensive monitoring programme has evolved - birds are monitored annually, lizards, weta, and seedlings twice a year, freshwater steams annually. Results of monitoring show a positive response from species to reduced pests and rat tracking indexes, which are carried out five times a year, indicate we are achieving our goal of maintaining pests at low levels.
Ecological restoration is not a straightforward business - climate, weather events, and differing methodologies make significant differences to outcomes of pest management.