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Tidying up for Christmas 2012

26 November 2012

Spring is an important time for plant growth - and that includes the weeds. Two days of steady work at the Project involved releasing the natives from long grass, biddi-bid and other choking weeds.

Just to remind us all how important releasing is, and how much the trees can achieve, Jonathan took the following photo of Bronnie heading past some wineberry that are only three years old. These natives have really added to the experience of riding Great Expectations. No wonder Bronnie is smiling!

And because Great Expectations is riding so nicely, it seemed appropriate to add in a bit of spring cleaning maintenance work to the track. Bronnie swept loose rock away from the switchbacks, while Ricky and Frank built up the edges into a fine rock wall.

Tim Galloway joined in, helping tidy the short Kaikomako Walk at the hut clearing, named for the kaikomako (Pennantia corymbosa) that abound in the area.