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Launch of Citizen Science Inventory

On the 1st August NZ Landcare Trust launched 'An Inventory of Citizen Science in New Zealand' - an online publication linked to the three year 'Citizen Science Meets Environmental Restoration' project, supported by MfE's Community Environment Fund.

Prepared by Monica Peters, the Inventory provides a snapshot of citizen science activities currently underway in New Zealand and highlights the scope and nature of activities, resources and learning opportunities available. A core function of the Inventory is to make information available to those who may wish to develop citizen science based tools and resources, in order to minimise the risk of duplication or wasted effort.

It is intended to update the publication on a regular basis in order to capture new initiatives as they gain momentum and to reflect the changing nature of this developing field.

The new resource contains over 50 pages of information. It begins by answering some basic questions such as what is citizen science and what types of projects exist in this country. The focus then shifts to providing a detailed account of current resources, monitoring toolkits and guidelines, new tools, and learning opportunities. Finally a series of recommendations is made, linked to findings that have come out of initial public working group meetings, that also formed part of the project.

'An Inventory of Citizen Science in New Zealand' is available as a digital download from the project page at NZ Landcare Trust's website:

NZ Landcare Trust has also created a new Citizen Science Project Facebook Page which will provide a focus for our social media activities supporting the project. So please head over and  offer your support by giving the page a 'like' or by following the page.

For more information about the Inventory and the wider project, contact NZ Landcare Trust Regional Coordinator Alastair Cole:

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