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Fern Bird Update Spring 2017

It is now almost six months since 22 fern birds were released into the Pauatahanui Wildlife Reserve and we are very pleased with the way the birds have settled into an unfamiliar estuarine habitat.. Careful, unobtrusive observation has confirmed five, possibly six , pairs of fernbirds have established territories and some pairs appear likely to nest. Our main concern now is to protect the birds from predators and prevent any disturbance which could disrupt the breeding process. The number of traps, especially for rats and mice has been increased, and traps are being checked every three days. The next round of Fern Bird monitoring will be left till about March of 2018. The really good news is that band identification has confirmed such a good survival rate the we will be able to make another release in 2018 of sufficient birds to establish a viable population.

photo David Cornick